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Friday 11 May 2012

Best Miss Earth Beauty Pageants Serbia : Serbia Beauty Pageants

There was a special purpose behind introducing the beauty pageant inSerbiaMiss Serbia was the name that was kept by the organization and members behind the Serbian beauty pageant. It was not many years before, when the beauty pageant was introduced in the country. The beauty pageant gave the women of Serbia a platform wherein they can prove themselves to be among the beautiful women of the world. There are many Serbian beauties that participated in the competition and brought success to the country. 

Beside being beautiful the Serbian beauty who is participating in the beauty pageant must also be an intelligent person. The member of the organization that introduced the beauty pageant announced this clause among the many clauses of the beauty pageant. 

The Serbian women accepted all the clauses and participated in the competition and achieved success many-a-times. Recently, Miss Serbia 2006- Vedrana Grbovic won the pageant of Miss World 2006. 

This has proved the fact all over again that the Serbian women can achieve success in any field they want. 

Miss Serbia beauty pageant enabled the women of Serbia to create an instance for the Serbian women and break the mentality of the orthodox society of the country. The women of Serbia have proven that they can maintain their traditions along with a successful career.                   1          1