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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Virtual beauty contest in Uruguay

Once upon a time in Corinth, on a holiday dedicated to the goddess of beauty and fertility, Demeter, hundreds of beautiful girls of ancient Greece brought before the jury of respectable citizens. The most eminent was awarded the title "The bearer of gold". Thus passed the world's first beauty contest.

Today, we invite you to the First World virtual beauty contest, youth and charm The contest is held since 2010. It involves girls from Uruguay and All countries of the World. The idea of this project did not come about by chance: thanks to any girl can be assessed throughout the world. We hope that the existence of our site will help lots of contenders to challenge and to win title "Miss Beauty of the Year".

During the year, visitors are voting for girls in different nominations. The most beautiful girls will come to the final competition, which will take place every year in different countries. Best of the best will be chosen by voting of the guests of the competition.

Our competition gives equal chances to all girls from Uruguay and other countries, irrespective of the city in which they live, and provides a unique opportunity to become famous, meet interesting people and get the grand prize! Many signed contracts with well-known fashion houses, in films, participate in international beauty contests, prestigious fashion shows, presentations and advertising of international companies.

Do not miss the chance to change your life!

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